According to Mr. Charles Darwin, your ancestor i.e. great grandfather was…….A Monkey! And so was mine, and so was everyone else’s on earth. And his fellow scientist followers want us, who have such a rich spiritual tradition going back millions of years, to agree with Him.

Well, I don’t!!! Simply because He had doubts about his own theory, throughout his life. Hence it remains A THEORY.

What is interesting though, is that Charles Darwin was initially a deeply religious Brit, but was deeply affected when he took a world tour observed various species of life being very slightly different to one another as if adapting to various environments. This became known as natural selection. The nail the coffin came when his 10-year-old daughter Annie died. She was his joy and he couldn’t understand why God could be so cruel to an innocent child. Thus he rejected the idea of God and wrote the famous book, “Origin of Species”. He faced a lot of opposition and eventually, even his Guru rejected Him!

However, when you ask Mathematicians of the probability of evolution from an organism which has even 200 molecular parts, then the chances are 1 out of a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion! Or just write out the number one, followed by sixty zeros. In other words… NILCH! Now here is the bigger problem! A plant or even an animal, which is made of just a single cell, has millions of molecular parts. With this in mind, Mathematicians find it impossible to defend evolution. We would have to write a “1” and then start writing zeros in Nairobi and finish them in Thika!

One more interesting fact! There is a book called “The Hidden History of the Human Race”, written by Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, showing volumes and volumes of scientific and archeological evidence that humans, like us, existed millions of years ago. As was openly discussed in the book, this information unfortunately is never made public by powerful governmental organizations as it will cause pandemonium in society. After all the Church lost power because of Science from 1540 onwards and there is no way science will allow the power to go back to the “The Church” after so much work. Which Government likes to acknowledge that there is a higher government who is in charge? So they keep funding research to always contradict spiritual faith. And this is how it has been for the last 475 years…..or so!

But will rational-minded people accept such small probabilities? Would we really accept that we originate from a certain type of Ape? I wouldn’t! I would rather go with the other side of the major mathematical probability that there is a God. This brings about another question! If there is a God, then why are we here and not in a place where He is seen…………..just like how we can see a flower! What is our origin? When we meet the new people, the general flow of chit-chat is……….”Hi, I am XXXXXX, and I am from Germany (for example). In other words, we are all accustomed to knowing our bodies and their origin. But what about the soul? It would be good to know where the soul comes from and
why it’s here.

The answer is given in mostly all scriptures, and we can nail down to one word………….INDEPENDENCE!

The soul, in technical terms, is known as God’s marginal potency which means it has the right to choose to live independently from its source (God) as a choice! Or it can also choose to live in its creator’s domain known as the Spiritual World. Executing its free will; the soul enters the material creation and lives on its own terms, independent from its creator. It then pursues one principle only…..which is to Lord it over matter. We all want to dominate matter as much as we can whilst we are here. Even animals have this propensity. If you watch two dogs carefully, one will pee on a tire to mark its territory, and the other dog will pee over the tire again to establish his. This goes on and on! Humans are the same; in that, we continuously feed our false ego by acquiring everything we can get and then mark it as our own. When we have a wife, we change her name to ours to put a stamp of authority. SHE IS MINE – DO NOT TOUCH! We establish large corporations in our name (unless we are trying to avoid tax) to make it ours. We continuously keep acquiring things and then protect them, as if they belong to us eternally.

But then annoying old death comes along and strips us of everything we have worked so hard to acquire! But no problem for us right? We will do it again, and again and again! If our karma turns us into a tree, we will dominate five square meters of land and be proud of our leaves! If karma turns us into a little dog, we will pee here and there to mark our little territory. If karma forces to be a Lion in the Masai Mara, we will roam the vast land with our black main, surrounded by she-lions and tourists, for 7 – 8 years, eating deer and gazelles until one fine day another stronger lion comes, kills us, and our babies take our wives as his and has his own babies with them. If karma gives us birth into the slums of Mumbai with little hope, money, and education, no problem! We will be the masters of a 3-meter shack for which to house all our 8 children. That’s not all. We will also own, 2 toothbrushes, 2 pots for cooking, a second-hand radio, some torn clothes, and 4 blankets!!! What’s not to be proud of? And if by some very good karma we are given the opportunity to be born as a Prince in a rich country we will simply inflate our Lordship by owning many Palaces, Businesses, Yachts, Ferraris, Airbuses, and Princesses.

This is what ‘independence’ does to us. It makes us go on an endless ego trip, from one body to another. We are all trying to be God, whereas, our real position is to be his loving servant. This is our original position. The soul, by nature, is eternal, full of knowledge, and full of ecstatic bliss (sat-cit- ananda). But in this world, we do not experience any of these conditions. We are not eternal because we keep changing bodies. We are not full of knowledge because we even forget what we did this time last month. And we are definitely not experiencing bliss. What we experience is temporary waves of happiness (sukha) and distress (dukha). But spiritual bliss (ananda) is different from the happiness of passing exams, or falling in love, buying a car, securing a large business contract, a beach holiday, etc. Spiritual bliss never leaves once it enters the heart and it takes one back to the spiritual world. Srila Prabhupada always would say, “We need to go Back Home, Back to Godhead in this very lifetime”.

In conclusion, our soul is simultaneously the same and different from the Lord, just like a drop of the ocean is the same in quality as the ocean but very different in quantity. Before the creation of time, space, matter, the universe, etc. the living entity (jiva) desires an independent existence from God. To fulfill our wishes, He creates this world and facilitates such independent living. Unfortunately, because our natural tendency is to exploit everyone and everything, this world will never exist in a state of harmony. There will be perpetual friction and we will always be subjected to misery. Just how a dislocated finger must be fixed back to its original position for it to function in its normal condition, the soul must be relocated back to its eternal position in the realm of Godhead. Only then will we function naturally and experience the eternal happiness we so desperately seek!

I’ll end by sharing something an exalted saint from Vrindavan once told me, “At every moment, every second in our life, we are being asked this question. Do you choose the realm of exploitation or do you choose the realm of dedication? But we keep choosing to exploit and thus we remain here in this world, birth after birth. The moment we choose dedication, time will stop! And we will experience this fully in our present body!”

Yadav Jani

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