Yadav Jani

Spiritual Practitioner & Speaker


Born in 1983, Yadav Jani, also known as Yadavendra Das, is a financial advisor and director of a property development company based in London and Nairobi, Kenya. He has spent the last 18 years of his life pursuing the path of spirituality. Now, he is looking forward to sharing his spiritual knowledge through his social media content, in the hopes of challenging other’s perspectives on spirituality to guide them into enlightenment.


Let’s discuss spirituality

Two Fingers Too Short

This month we celebrate the Holy Month of Kartik. In traditional terms, it is called Damodara Masa. What is the Significance? This month marks the importance of many to the Lord Krishna’s pastimes...

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The Smirnoff and Cocaine of Spirituality

There are two types of intoxication in this world. The first type is induced through alcohol and drugs. The second is induced through spiritual practice which eventually turns into pure devotion...

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I, Origin

According to Mr. Charles Darwin, your ancestor i.e. great grandfather was…….A Monkey! And so was mine, and so was everyone else’s on earth. And his fellow scientist followers want us, who have such...

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Good Questions, Good Answers

An innocent girl approaches a learned teacher. She asks meaningful questions and He provides meaning from answers from the Scriptures. Who am I and Why am I here? You are a Spirit Soul (jiva), part...

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